Friday, January 29, 2016

A letter to Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Hi Guys!!!!

                So I guess I’ll start out my letter by addressing both of you. And yes before someone’s like “you do know they are two different people right?” Yes I do know that you two are separate people and I don’t think of you guys as only one person but you do a lot together and that is why this written together.  I’m amazed that two random guys could meet and become such good friends. And no I don’t ship Phan but I do love how perfect you guys are for each other (as FRIENDS).  Your guys’ friendship is what I like to call the big brother little brother complex.  A good example of this is whenever Phil does something weird/inappropriate (and doesn’t realize that it is so) Dan will just be like “Phil stop.” The Big brother little brother complex works out because Dan is an older brother to Adrian (who I will come back to) and Phil is the little brother to Martyn so even though Dan your younger than Phil you two just work so perfectly together, which I absolutely love!

Now that I have talked about why I love your friendship so much I guess I should talk about the product of it. TABINOF (short for The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire) when I finally got it I read it in less than 24 hours… yeah I kinda couldn’t put it down.  I was one of the most amazing book I have ever read and even though black is my favorite color I really loved how the whole 200 sum pages of your book were full color! Side note baby Dan is supper adorable!!!! So your gaming channel is a thing, and on it you have a Sims 4 series. Dil is basically one of the best Sims I know. (Not that I know any Sims but you know what I mean, right?) Also you guys playing Undertale just leaves me speechless I absolutely love it. One hour of Dan and Phil without having to make the hard decision of which video to watch next is basically one of the best things ever.

                             Phil’s section! ^-^          

Hi Phil!

                I’m kinda freaking out thinking that you may actually read this but if you are actually reading this than I guess I should stop fangirling about the idea of you reading this. I really don’t know what to say my brain is just spinning with everything I want to say so here we go.  I love that you don’t curse in your videos. This is particularly nice if I’m in a room with my little sisters and I don’t have headphones. I know that I can watch one of your videos and not risk expanding their vocabulary.   Also if you ever get a new hair cute you should totally have it be a upwards swoop.  An upwards swoop looks really good with your glasses. Which you should wear them more because they look really nice on you :) Side note you he some of the coolest T-shirts EVER! Also if you read this you should totally comment with your favorite kind of sweet/chocolate (or like top three if you can’t just chose one).


                                                          Dan’s section :D

Hi Dan!
So the thing you’re probably thinking is why did she use that totally cringe old gif of me. Well it’s because I think old Dan is one of the most attractive stages of Dan out of them all (In my opinion 18 and 24 year old Dan are your two most attractive stages.) Also Hello Internet is like my favirte of your videos :) you are actually like my favorite YouTuber and I know that probably at least 1,000,000  of you subscriber have already said this to you but here’s why. When I first started really watching your videos in October of 2015 (yes I have only been watching you for like 4 months but I kinda fell into the fandom void of no return after about 3 days so if feels like a life time) around the time that my sister and one of my best friends/old crush had started going out which I was having a lot of trouble coping with.  I was also really stressed about school and I just kinda done with everything it felt like everyday I was just going through the paces and there was nothing new. But then I stumbled across your YouTube channel and I started watching your videos which made me really happy and changed things up a little. After a couple of days of watching your videos I was really happy and not sad like I had been before. It was crazy to me than a random socially awkward guy from England could make me happy and take me out of the slump I had been in for the past year. But somehow you did and I’m happy to report that I’m better now.  If you hadn’t put up your first video in 2009 I would probably still be in a really horrible slump so thank you.  So previously in this letter (which is more like a small novel) said I would come back to Adrian. About a month ago I was curious why you had never said anything about him except for in you draw my life and I found out what happened. It kinda took me by surprise because you have spent your life being kind to people and then your fans picked on you little brother. I get that  you’re trying to protect him because of what happened but could you give your Danosaurs another chance to do what you have done your whole life and maybe put Adrian in a video or post a photo with him on Instagram?

          If you’ve made it this far you are probably wondering who I am. Well I’m Lizzy am an American high schooler who happens to love YouTube. I wrote this letter to kinda tell you guys how much you have impacted me in the best way possible and thank you for that because I’m the happiest I’ve been I a long time so thanks for that :) The photo on the top right is of my kitten his name is Daniel (yes, he is named after you Dan…I hope he’s black enough ;) he’s a big trouble maker and has got the middle name of Michael. So I guess he’s actually named after both of you :D One the bottom right is a picture of me and my best friend Lydia. We kinda think of ourselves as the teenage girl versions of you two I like wearing the color black and I’m very awkward. But she's kinda the opposite and she likes wearing bright colors and is fairly normal.

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