Friday, January 16, 2015


             So I started this Ball room dancing class and it’s so much fun! When I walked into the place I was really excited about learning the Swing (which is the dance we were learning that night). One thing they said that stood out to me was that it’s really hard for a guy to ask a girl to dance (which is something you hear all the time). One thing you never hear is that it’s hard for the girl to stand and wait for the boy to come ask you (because you usually can tell if a guy is coming to ask you). There is also a lot of responsibility for a girl because they have to kindly accept or decline. Also it makes it really awkward for the girl if the guy is really quiet (unless it’s a slow dance then silence is ok, especially if the girl is smiling like an idiot and most likely as red if not redder than a tomato. Let’s just say I’m a very awkward person and leave it at that). So for all the guys that read this blog I will give you two tips: 1) Understand that it’s really Awkward for the girls too. 2)Talk to her even if you just ask her name. 

Liz :)(:

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