Friday, January 9, 2015

Everybody has a quirk

           Quirk (my) definition, a quirk is something that you do without knowing/thinking about it. Everyone has at least one quirk. For example, I have this bracelet and for whatever reason I have to wear it every day otherwise my wrist feels really empty, it’s almost like a security blanket. Also, I’ve noticed that over the past 1-2 years if I get really happy then I have a tendency to snap my fingers and if I’m bored I’ll do this weird thing with my thumbs (they’re double jointed) it’s almost like throwing them out of their sockets( it’s kinda weird). If you watch your friends usually you can find a quirk. For example, some people may bounce their leg or twiddle their thumbs (isn’t that a fun word twiddle. Also, it’s really hard to say bubbles in an angry voice. Anyway, back on topic.) Comment your quirks and I’ll see you next week. :)

Liz :)(:

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