Friday, February 20, 2015

Girl Online (a book review)

So I’m not a big reader so I’m amazed that I read Girl Online in 3 days. That is how good it is.  (side note: I took me 2 months to read The Fault in Our Stars mostly because I miss placed it  after about 3 days but anyhow to the review) So Girl Online is about Penny (or Pen). So Pen blogger around 15-16 and she deals with panic attacks.  In the book they take a trip from Britain to New York for her parents’ job. While they are in New York she meets a boy name Noah who is amazing. He even helps Pen with her panic attacks by telling her to give a shape and color to the feeling and shrink it down until it’s gone. After she gets back to Britain  she starts dealing with a lot of hate from people on the internet because Noah( who she finds out is famous) has a girlfriend, well a fake girlfriend that is ( note: before I found out about the fake girlfriend thing I was so mad at Noah I wanted to burn the book.)  but it all straitened it’s self out in the end. :) 

Liz :)(:

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