Friday, July 3, 2015


          So prom was like the best thing ever. I danced with a ton of my guy friends and a couple of other guys but before we get to that let's start with my dress. My dress was a knee length black dress with half-length sleeves I also had the cutest pair if red high heels. With that I had a bowtie necklace (because bowties are cool) and I had a simple bracelet and pair of earnings ( see pictures below of everything I wore)  So I went to my friend’s house to get ready and after about 2 hours the rest of the group showed up and we took pictures and went to  dinner. when we got to the dance the played a ton of fast songs and line dances after about half an hour they played the first slow song and I was just walking past this guy and he asked me to dance. So I dance with him and it was amazing and no I will not tell you his name because I don't know if he wants him name on the internet. After I danced with him I danced with some of my guy friends (who I asked #girlpower). Speaking of dancing I wrote a post about it a few months ago were I said that it was really awkward when the guys were really quite but when I asked them it wasn't awkward for me because I asked them, also I knew them but still. It was nice to not feel awkward and just enjoy the dance which made for an amazing night. At 12 am the music stopped and the dance was over. Then we went to after prom where we played ping pong and talked until 4 am.




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