Friday, August 28, 2015

Counselors make or break camp

So when I was I kid I remember going to camp twice the first time I went was when I was nine and the counselors didn’t care which made for a bad camp. So then when I was twelve I went to a different camp and I thought I would be a lot of fun but I was wrong the last night of the camp I was playing a game with some of the other girls who I didn’t know. I don’t remember what game we were playing but after a while one of the girls got upset because she wasn’t winning. So she came up to me and started choking me when she finally stopped I went and told my counselor and guess what she did NOTHING she did nothing. So this year when I went to camp for the third time the places were switched and I was a counselor which was pretty awesome.   So since September of last year we have been planning for this camp and in that time I became friends with some really cool people who all were there because they wanted to be. Meaning that they cared unlike all the other counselors I had met in my day. So I got to camp that first day and it was awesome. I had a ton of friends there and my campers were amazing. It  went on like that for 2 more days and I had the most fun I have had all year (well next to prom) and I can’t wait to go  back next year.

Liz :)(: 

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