Sunday, November 1, 2015

Every Time!!!

 So I have found a fool proof way for a guy to get a girlfriend within three months to a year!!! Okay so I guess I should back myself up a little. So a little under 2 years ago I started crushing on this guy and I had liked him for about a year and then he got I girlfriend which really upset me but I got over it because I was really too young to be dating so whatever. Then a few months later I started crushing on this other guy who my friend knew and after about three months he got a girlfriend and I was like “what are the chances of this happening two times in a row?” Around that same time I met a guy who seemed really sweet and I loved talking to and all of that mushy stuff and I was kinda torn if I like him or not, and when I finally decided that yeah I did like him I then found out that he had started dating someone. By this point I was like why… just why?!?!? So seemingly every single time I like a guy he gets a girlfriend. So I guess if I wanted to I could still like the guy because I did like him before he had a girlfriend and it’s not like he had a girlfriend and I started liking him. But then you run into even more problems like how I’m  then liking a guy who has a girlfriend which is wrong and since they’re dating I could get jealous of his girlfriend and that’s never a good thing. Then there’s the whole drama aspect of it all which is just horrible. So back to my way for a guy to get a girlfriend, all you have to do it get me to “fall in love” (aka: get a crush on you) then you’re good to go and within the next year you’ll have a girlfriend. :D  So have any of you ever had something like this happen to you, have any tips on how to make it stop, (because otherwise I will literally become the last single person on this planet)  comment them below and I’ll see you guys soon!!!

Liz :)(:

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